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Digital Marketing – SEO, Social, Email

Efficient, Consistent, and Friendly Messaging

For some, the goal of marketing is to get as many people to see a message as possible. And sometimes that can be annoying:

Wildflower looks at it a bit differently and focuses mostly on sharing important information, fostering relationships, and leveraging inbound marketing – the goal is to prevent losing your biggest advocates while increasing the size of your base efficiently and automatically, without ever being obnoxious.

My journalism degree and creative writing background ensure that the written content I help create is clear and direct while maintaining a unique style and voice of your choosing.

And my technology-agnostic philosophy means Wildflower can help you integrate any 3rd party marketing platform into your website efficiently and effectively – everything from Salesforce to Marketo.

Basic SEO Groundwork

Having decent SEO content is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your inbound marketing and get your site ranking higher in Google and other search engines.

If you type your company name into Google and don’t think the titles and descriptions to your pages make much sense, that means “search bots” won’t understand either. In that case, Wildflower would be happy to guide you through the process of upgrading your SEO after becoming familiar with your business and its goals.

Making sure your site has properly entered meta content and HTML header tags, is screen reader accessible, and has shareable images and links on its pages are all basic steps we can take that will have great results.

Mailchimp Newsletters & Segmenting Audience

Newsletters are a great way to interact with and grow your audience. As long as people sign up willingly to receive them, their open and click rates are are higher and have more follow-through than even the most targeted AI-driven advertising platform. Wildflower can help you refine your brand voice and make any batch emails you send out consistent and professional, and Mailchimp is my preferred email marketing platform to do that – although I also have experience with Constant Contact, Klayvio, Hubspot, Zoho, and Pardot.

But newsletters aren’t the only way a service like Mailchimp can help your business – Wildflower can also help you organize and sort your audience. Targeting your audience segments with specific content that only relates to each individual increases the chances people will open and interact with emails. It also allows you to internally use that information in various ways to create better processes and increase efficiency.

For example, we can set up a simple system for a yoga studio to send a specific class time update to anyone signed up for that class, instead of sending it to everyone who has ever taken any class at the yoga studio, therein preventing email communication bloat.

Basic Social Media Groundwork

Wildflower has the ability to promote your business on non-video focused social medias like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as long as most of the content is provided by the client. I can help form ideas for and edit content, but the photographs and most text needs to be written by someone in-house.

If native interaction with posts isn’t getting the results you need, I can help determine the best way to use social medias’ built-in marketing tools to help run ads or boost existing posts towards the most appropriate audiences.

Advanced Digital Marketing

When Wildflower clients need someone to run more complex outbound marketing campaigns, there are several freelance digital marketing experts I’ve worked with in the past I can recommend for the project, depending on its budget, timeline, etc.

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