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Not entirely happy with their existing digital agency’s monthly retainer costs and looking to go in a new direction, Semler Brossy took a big chance switching to a one-person alternative – yet Wildflower has been their “agency of record” ever since.

I was hired to lead the effort to totally rebuild and redesign Semler Brossy’s site, and the only stage of that project I didn’t perform myself was the “graphic design.” I did the information architecture, user experience, front/back end development for the new site, and I still do site maintenance, SEO optimization, monthly newsletters, and social posts for Semler Brossy. 

Not only have their costs gone down, but almost ever single marketing metric for Semler Brossy has gone up since we started collaborating together.

Apart from the site’s obvious modern visual upgrades, the “under the hood” upgrades I performed led to a site that performs ~1.5x as well in organic search, and all my help has led directly to consistently receiving ~twice the visitors

Site acquisition metrics

They have also added ~700 subscribers to their newsletter since we launched the new site in August, 2021. This has been by far the most rapid audience growth they have ever had for their newsletter.

Most of the growth has been due to a “soft/quick paygate” I custom recommended, designed (based off McCarter Design’s modal base styles), tested, and implemented through collaboration with the marketing head at SB. The “paygate” only appears the first time users try downloading a “report” (similar to your whitepapers), and then doesn’t appear for a year as long as a user uses the same browser.

It’s been an honor working with the fantastic, dedicated team over at Semler Brossy to achieve these, and other, successes together. I look forward to continue providing them with all sorts of digital marketing services in the future as well!

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