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Site, Logo, & Brand Design

Simple & Minimal Website Design

Sometimes a website is a piece of art (think Victorian crown molding), and sometimes a website is just a nice looking, simple , functional thing (think Ikea). Wildflower has 15 years’ experience building both types of websites, but only the latter can be visually designed in-house. The former will require a 3rd party designer, and if need be Wildflower can provide a list of many extremely talented designers to consider partnering with on any project.

All of the sites below were designed in-house, and most of them already had existing “branding” design. If they look like the type of sites you’re looking for, then your project will proceed much more rapidly and will need a smaller budget!

Website Design Projects

It’s also worth noting that all the poster designs for this former concert series were designed in-house.

Logos and Branding

If all you have is a business name or an outdated logo, Wildflower is happy to help guide you towards something new or better, whether that means finding the right 3rd party designer to hire for the job, or creating something along the lines of these in-house designed logos:

Wildflower also has experience working with branding – both in setting brand style guidelines and following them correctly and consistently across print and design materials.

Other Website Services

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