Inheriting, Upgrading, & Maintaining Projects

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Inheriting, Upgrading, & Maintaining Projects

All websites change over time. You’ll never hear me say “no” or “impossible.”

There’s never been a goal a client of mine hasn’t been able to reach, or a bug I wasn’t able to fix – even in projects previously led or built by other people.

My extensive experience allows me to even “polish turds” when necessary, and make them look and function completely adequately based off the clients’ goals requirements.

Unbelievable how you make short order of problems that (other developers) couldn’t resolve. I’m so relieved to be rid of that problem. Thank you!!

Joy Reichling, Jeeva Resorts

Fixing bugs

Sometimes bugs appear after unexpected updates, and sometimes the bugs have always been there, but you just noticed them…

If Wildflower made your site and you find a bug (super rare, but I am human after all), I’ll fix it ASAP for free. If you need a bug created by another developer or company, I can probably identify its source and fix it.

Site maintenance

If you’ve parted ways with your previous developers or content folks, Wildflower is available to update your layouts, functionality, or content. Over time, as I get more familiar with your project, things will take less time to do – or I will upgrade your site’s functionality over time and make content entry more efficient, if circumstances allow.

You can absolutely trust Wildflower with your car – the next time you get in, the seats will be twice as comfortable.

Other Website Services

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