Hosting Maintenance & Migration

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Hosting Maintenance & Migration

Domain Registration, Email & Server Setup & Maintenance

Wildflower offers a great collection of services for people who are not interested in having separate vendors for domains, hosting, and email. Any hosting purchased through Wildflower comes complimentary with free migration, infinite email addresses and forwarders, 24/7 maintenance (if your site goes down, I won’t sleep until it’s back up), WordPress theme & plugin updates, and more.

Hosting Service Pricing

Domain URL
Pricing for .com – other extensions vary
Website Hosting Basic
For smaller sites with less traffic
Website Hosting Pro
For bigger sites with more traffic
Extra Security Scans$100/year
Discounted ACF Pro Plugin License
For WordPress sites that use ACF
Staging Site
Note: unlimited staging sites are included at no extra cost through any WF hosting
The prices above do not cover every situation or added cost that comes along with website hosting (for example, if other plugin licenses are required to purchase), but these cover all the most common situations.

Wildflower uses a 3rd party, Siteground, to host all of its sites. Even if clients prefer to keep hosting under their own names & credit cards, I still highly recommend they consider hosting their websites through Siteground for all sorts of reasons – but from my perspective they provide the best services for the best prices.

Siteground is just one of many decent hosting providers out there. If clients still choose to host their site elsewhere, Wildflower is happy to help create and run the site on whatever server they wish. However, any time spent on setup and maintenance are billable by the hour, instead of being complimentary.

Other Website Services

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