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(After a new site launch led by Wildflower) …we tested and reviewed all day yesterday but felt it was the most seamless transition in Mariposa history.

Erin Connolly, Mariposa

You’ve done an awesome job, so quickly and even with several last minute changes, you’ve just rolled with the punches. I really appreciate all of your hard work!

Monica Haines, Caresyntax

Unbelievable how you make short order of problems that (other developers) couldn’t resolve. I’m so relieved to be rid of that problem. Thank you!!

Joy Reichling, Jeeva Resorts

(Yurij has) mastered the art of listening; a critical component in the success of the project (he) engineered for my firm.

John Donlon, GoldCoast Mortgage

…it’s really nice to work with a developer who is so responsive!

Claire Davies-Frishman, Green City Growers

Very happy with all the new pages! The team is really excited about them as well.

Bree Lalor, ArtLifting

Hi, I’m Yurij. What’s your name?

By the way, just pretend the “j” at the end of my name is a “y” and you’ll probably say it right 🙂 more about me