Custom Quizzes & Complex Forms

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Custom Quizzes & Complex Forms

Elegant Typeform Questionnaires & Onboarding Forms

If you have an idea for a quiz, questionnaire, or complex form for your business but don’t know where to start, Wildflower can help. Complex forms are a great way to either generate leads or efficiently gather information about your existing customers and save time for onboarding.

For example, dog trainers can use a complex form to gather and store information from dog owners about their dogs. Not only are the forms really easy for users to fill out, but afterwards their answers are all in one place, and easily referenceable by the dog trainer.

Although it’s not the only form builder Wildflower can use, Typeform provides an amazing set of features for a great price. And active Wildflower clients get a discount for advanced features ($18/month instead of the normal $24/month).

WordPress “Contact Form 7”

For clients who use WordPress, Contact Form 7 is a wonderfully powerful and free plugin we can set up to gather information from prospective leads.

Generally emails get sent out after users fill out the forms, but we can also set them up to store all the submissions within the WordPress login, so any employees with WordPress access would be able to collaboratively look up submissions at any moment.

Other Customizable Survey & Form Options

Wildflower has its preferences but at the end of the day is technology and platform agnostic – that means we’ve also successfully set up and implemented customized forms on WordPress sites non-Wordpress using Jotform, Survey Monkey, Ninja Forms, Google Forms, Formstack, Zoho Forms, and more.

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