UX Design, Sitemaps & Wireframes

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UX Design, Sitemaps & Wireframes

Simple & Direct Information Architecture and Prototyping

In an ideal world, the first 2 phases of all sites I work on are “information architecture,” which produces site maps, and “user experience,” which produces wireframe prototypes.

But when budgets, scope, or timelines don’t allow for one or both of those phases, Wildflower is able to still ensure rapid, high quality user experiences. There’s enough design & development experience to come to the best solution no matter what the factors.

Web Project Site Maps

Example Sitemap

An effective site mapping process usually identifies the ways a client stands out from others, and we start figuring out which parts of the site will need to stand out or get more attention than others. It will also help all the other project phases – for example, it will help development determine which parts of the site will uses templates vs. be on-off pages.

UX Wireframe Prototypes

Example Wireframes

Wireframes are simplified versions of layouts with generic/filler graphics, fonts, or colors. They focus more on flow and functionality than look or feel. When pages are stripped down like this, it allows everyone involved in the website making process to focus their feedback and make sure we’re all communicating correctly to each other. Otherwise it’s more difficult to all get on the same page, since peoples’ minds can have different “filters” that get us all to notice different details.

I am a trained journalist, and the wireframes Wildflower delivers are influenced by the inverted pyramid, which shows the most general / universal information clearly and simply first, and then allows people to easily “choose their own adventure” to get to the details for the information they are specifically seeking.

Rapid UX Upgrades

If we determine that totally custom site maps or wireframes aren’t right for you, then I can still apply my user experience chops towards refining or upgrading your existing site or pre-built templates. This could mean that we simplify and restructure some of your content or pages, or we see how users interact with parts of your site and figure out ways to improve those interactions.

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