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Wildflower was particularly excited to take this project on because, though Yurij (owner) grew up in NJ, all 4 of his grandparents were born and raised in Ukraine. Yurij spent most of his childhood speaking Ukrainian with his family and going to Ukrainian school, church, dance, scouts, and family social outings. All that prep-work gave him the ability to speak Ukrainian when he finally took a trip to Ukraine after college, but he still wasn’t truly prepared for the amazing experience he had while he was there. Some things he could only learn while being in Ukraine.

PLHI is a brand new non-profit that will enable American students of Filipino heritage to have similar meaningful core cultural experiences. PLHI aims to strengthen Filipino identity through education and build thriving global communities by fostering a deep appreciation of the Philippines’ rich living heritage and history.

They were introduced to Wildflower by Flowetik, who helped build content and a communications approach for the organization. PLHI preferred someone to create their website who could design/build on the fly, through a continuous and fluid workflow. Being a one-person operation with honed skills in development, design, and content creation, Wildflower was the perfect fit.

Working together as a collaborative team, PLHI and Wildflower took the default 2023 WordPress template, and reworked the layouts and content to work with the brand styleguide they sent over. By taking this approach, we also kept this project at a lower budget than most.

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