Supporting Missions & Non-Profits

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Supporting Missions & Non-Profits

Discounts for Mission-focused Non-profit Websites

Wildflower believes in a better world, and wants to be a part of building it. Since mission-oriented businesses and non-profits tend to have smaller budgets, Wildflower discounts its normal rate by up to 45%.

Completed Non-Profit Projects

Causes I Support the Most

  • Public & Bicycle Transportation
  • Refugee Support & Peace
  • Regenerative / Organic Agriculture
  • Animal Rights
  • Mental Health Access
  • Black Lives Matter
  • LGBT Rights
  • Low Income Housing
  • Women’s Rights & Abortion Access
  • Decarbonization
  • Public Services
  • Equal Opportunity Education
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Creative, Divergent Thinking
  • Cultural Heritage & Diversity
  • Public Health

Other Core Values

Core Company Values

Hi, I’m Yurij. What’s your name?

By the way, just pretend the “j” at the end of my name is a “y” and you’ll probably say it right 🙂 more about me