Supporting Sustainability Initiatives

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Supporting Sustainability Initiatives

Environmentalist Carbon Negative Business

Wildflower is a work-from-home business, so no fossil-fuels are burned in commuting. When travel to a market, restaurant, or client happens, if ever possible a bicycle is used, and an electric car is used otherwise. We rock energy efficient devices (laptop only!), absolutely no computers are left running over-night, and new hardware is purchased only when the old stuff runs fully into the ground. The workspace’s heating and cooling items are always optimized for efficiency, lights are on only when necessary, and the compost & recycle bins are always up to snuff. Only vegan meals are charged to the company dime.

And by mainly hosting websites through Siteground, a company that clearly cares about sustainable practices, we make sure the web servers storing the sites are leaving the lowest imprint on the planet as possible.

Wildflower has also partnered with Green Century Funds for its retirement packages, which ensures that 0% of savings go towards fossil fuel industry.

That’s why the carbon footprint starts at “super low” – the way it gets negative is, admittedly, indirect. I figure Wildflower’s impact is off-set by helping the businesses and organizations it works with grow and increase their planet-positive impacts:

Climate Friendly Projects

Additionally: Owner’s Personal Environmental Impact

Wildflower is a one-person company owned and operated by me, Yurij. Living sustainably is not just a business promise, but an important personal goal – not only because of the threat it poses to us and our planet, but because it just seems so much more sensible and efficient. Seeing factory farm dairy lots in-person make me feel sick, while permaculture design principles resonate with me perfectly; I want to be part of building resilient, long-term systems with low inputs and high outputs of all sorts – both on and off the web.

Outside of business hours I try not to drive much or buy a lot of stuff, and I am always conscious of my water use. I prefer to eat vegan, ovo-vegetarian (non-factory farmed eggs), or vegetarian meals (non-factory farmed dairy). I support local farms whenever possible, and seek to specifically support regenerative agriculture, especially low or no till, if any farmers are practicing it nearby. I convert grass to perennials, and pavement to permeable surfaces when possible. I’ve set up 5+ compost systems on various properties that are all currently being used.

I have funded two home solar projects through my family, partially with money earned through my freelance business. I currently own a car, but didn’t own one for most of my adult life so far, between 2008-2019. I plan to sell my car by 2023, and perhaps one day own an electric car. And I am fully committed to electrification (converting all oil and gas devices to electric when given the opportunity) because of the case made for mitigating climate change.

I am sharing all these personal details because I’m an open person, it’s important for me to try and lead by example.

Other Core Values

Core Company Values

Hi, I’m Yurij. What’s your name?

By the way, just pretend the “j” at the end of my name is a “y” and you’ll probably say it right 🙂 more about me