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Wildflower has maintained some sort of business relationship with Genuity Science, its parent company HiberCell, and/or its predecessor, NextCODE, since 2014.

So many different services were provided for the company over the years, but the ones most pertinent here relate to Genuity Science’s current website, which is essentially a re-skinning of the old NextCODE WordPress website (also custom developed by Wildflower).

As the company pivoted to focus more on its Ireland market, the marketing team took on a brand re-launch, and the website was a large part of the endeavor. We were able to meet the deadline, along with re-skinning other sub-sites like the PHI program, which was built on a completely separate WordPress installation.

Since the site targets European audiences as well as US audiences, adhering to EU law we had to implement a cookie consent modal for site visitors to choose the level of cookie usage they were comfortable with. And since the company does work related to health information, the security standards we had to adhere to were even tougher. So we built out a custom WordPress plugin that could follow the strictest standards and apply the same cookie consent form to multiple Genuity sites.

Custom cookie consent plugin

Another complex aspect of this project had to do with making sure our connected Hubspot landing pages looked, functioned, and evolved like the main site did. Additionally, we were kept on our toes switching out forms from native PHP forms, to WordPress plugin forms, to Salesforce linked forms, to Hubspot linked forms, back to WordPress plugin forms. Whatever the marketing team needed at any moment, we built out.

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