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SBK is a motley crew of people who are empowered by and want to fix their own bicycles. It’s an open tool library with a dedicated crew of staff members who guide any visitors and answer any questions they have about any repairs. It’s a community-powered collective force of awesome.

I was among the founders of the organization, and helped set up a lot of the foundational aspects of how the organization presents itself and functions today. It has grown exponentially over the years, and it’s wonderful to watch the kitchen blossom.

A couple other staff members and I threw the site together fairly quickly after I designed out the logo and picked the typography. We chose WordPress because it aligned with the organization values, being an open-source framework. We picked an existing theme and customized it to fit our needs, then integrated Mailchimp forms in there so that email signups automatically updated the supporter email list.

It’s not very complex or bespoke, but it’s been running pretty smoothly for years, and the blog area has been a great place for staff to show off the wonderful things that happen at the kitchen.

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